• Powerfood by Rens Kroes, take a Look inside

    A lot of you probably know the famous model Doutzen Kroes. I didn’t know that Doutzen had a sister untill I read about it on HealthyFans. I’ve been following Jenny  for a while now and when I saw that she gave this awesome book away, I just had to join her giveaway. Me and two other girls won this wonderful book. I love the font that she used in her book and the photos…. so gorgeous! Food is definitely one of my favorite things to photograph and these photos are so inspiring. There are a lot of different recipes in this book and the best of it is: they are all healthy.The only…

  • Outfit: Let it snow

    Woke up the day after Christmas, looked outside, and saw that it finally snowed. We didn’t get any snow last year and I kinda missed it. Unfortunately I couldn’t do any shoots with models because luck wouldn’t let me this month (read: got glass in my hand and needed stitches, then got the flue a day before I went on a holiday, coughed so much that I got a torn muscle between my ribs now). My sister in law did take some outfit photos of me, yay!