• Portrait of Britt

    Meet Britt, she’ll be my intern for the next 3 months. I took this portrait of her today and I wanted to share it with you guys!The next three months we’ll be having a lot of photo shoots so there will be a lot of photography posts on the blog. What do you think of the portrait?

  • My visit to the oculist

    Yesterday started as a happy day for me, my blog turned one year old, woohoo! I had a lot of blogs the past few years but they never lasted longer than 4 months. At 2 P.M. I had an appointment at the oculist. Since 6 months I have a grey spot in my left sight that has been bothering me so yesterday they made photos of my eyes to see exactly what was wrong. This wasn’t really a fun thing to go through because I had to get injected to see my eyes better on the photos (read: nurse didn’t inject me right, I felt too much pain, got nauseous and…

  • Outfit: All Black

    Good afternoon! This is the second outfit that we shot on the blogger meeting. Next week I’m having another blogger meeting with three other ladies so there are more outfit posts on their way. I still have to decide what to wear though.I highly recommend having blogger meetings to all the bloggers out there. It’s a nice way to meet new people. Everything except for the necklace is from H&M.  I bought the statement necklace at http://houseoflou.nl/. I should have worn the necklace a little bit higher, but changing outfits without a mirror in a small toilet room was kinda hard. What do you think? 

  • Outfit: Stripes Stripes Stripes

    Today I had a blogger meeting and I met this lovely girl Amy who blogs on http://www.theblondetornado.blogspot.nl/. We had both two different outfits which we took photos of. Today I’m sharing this outfit with you! DRESS: VERO MODA | HAT H&M | BOOTS H&M What do you think?