• Freckles

    Last Thursday Milou came over to model for us because we wanted to shoot a girl with a lot of freckles. I once photographed her together with her horse, but she never did something like this before. I think she did such a good job, it’s like she did this before. Freckles are gorgeous, don’t you think? <3

  • Cuteness Overload

    My intern and I tried something different last week. We both never photographed small animals and believe me it was harder than we expected. I made something like 80 photos but only 6 of them weren’t out of focus. I felt sorry for this little guy, he was running all over the place end we had to but him back on the pink blanket every 5 seconds. After a short time I just told the owners to take him home because I knew we had at least one good photo. I even had a nightmare about a hamster last night.. So next Friday we’ll be having 3 rats over and hopefully they’ll…