• Outfit: Green Primark Dress

    Yup, today I’m showing you one of my newest dresses that actually makes me feel like the character Link from The Legend of zelda.  I never thought that I would ever buy something nice at Primark, but I did! I never bought anything at Primark before (besides two bags that turned out to have holes in them when I got home), because I always felt like the clothes just didn’t really look good on me.  Usually I’m the type of person who goes for a simple black dress, so this green one really lights up my closet. 

  • My Boho Bedroom

    In March I showed you guys a boho bedroom inspiration post and not too long after that I bought some bohemian items myself. I bought this pillow for example (not something I would usually buy because it was way too expensive), at a shop called Loods 5 for €39,95,-In this post I’ll show you what the rest of my room looks like now. I bought this four-poster mosquito net at bol.com for €55,-. It really gives such a cozy feeling when you’re lying in bed, as if you’re sleeping in a tent.  Because the mosquito net was actually open in the middle we decided to hang this lantern thing, that we also…

  • Wedding Outfit

    I always find it difficult to decide what to wear when I’m photographing on a wedding. I don’t want to wear (short) dresses because I still need to get into strange poses to take the best photos. So this morning I went to the H&M store to buy myself a new outfit to wear on today’s wedding. What would you wear if you were to photograph on a wedding?