• Sunday Snaps #1

    So, I had this idea. (TAM TAM TAMMM!)You’ve probably noticed that we have a dog now and since I make way too much photos of him, I thought it would be better to throw them all in one blog post! So from now on, Sunday will be Zigss’s spam day. Ziggs met a German Shepherd girl this week. She was 3 weeks older than Ziggs and Ziggs was already bigger than her. They played for like a hour together (yes, cuteness overload). So in love with these two <3 How has your week been?

  • Hello, new family member

    Oh my! I can’t believe it’s official!A few weeks ago I told you guys that we went all the way to Leeuwarden to visit Saarloos Wolfhound puppies. You can read that article here.When we visited for the first time two dogs really caught our attention (puppy green and puppy silver), but puppy silver was most loved by the people who visited before us, so we kind of forgot about him because we knew we wouldn’t be the one that could take him home. Last Thursday we went to visit again and when we arrived we heard that puppy green had been taken. I felt kinda sad because I secretly had bonded a bit with…