• New photos of Riven, The Norwegian Forest Cat

    Deborah, the owner of the cattery messaged me last Saturday. She said that if Riven responds well to the vaccination, we’re able to take her to her new home this Thursday! A family member of Deborah took these cute photos of Riven recently. I thought you guys wouldn’t mind seeing cute photos of a kitten  I can’t wait till she is home with us! It will take a lot of time to get Ziggs and Riven used to each other, but I’m sure it’ll all work out.

  • Sunday Snaps #4

    Shame on me, I haven’t given you guys a Sunday Snaps in over a month! Because I’ve had like 1400 wedding photos to edit the past month, I didn’t had the time to edit all the photos from Ziggs or to even upload them on my blog, so this Sunday Snaps is filled with a lot of photos. We went to a Saarloos Wolfdog meeting where Ziggs was reunited with 2 of his brothers and one sister! Unfortunately his other brother and sister couldn’t make it. We’re having another reunion soon.  Near where we live there is this gorgeous place where we walk a lot with Ziggs nowadays. Probably the only hills…