• Christmas minis

    Christmas minis, een groot dingetje onder de fotografen wat ik vooral in buitenlandse fotografie groepen tegenkom. De meeste fotografen zijn daar heel november al mee bezig. Omdat ik het veel te druk had met herfstshoots in november en onder het mom van beter laat dan nooit (ik ben vast niet de enige die goed is in uitstellen) besloot ik om twee weken voor kerst ook minishoots aan te bieden. Een vriendin van mij, Sylvana, is mij vandaag komen helpen met decoreren, dus ik schoot wat plaatjes van haar en wat plaatjes van Ziggs om zo de kerstshoots te promoten.

  • Happy Halloween

    Samen met mijn schoonzus Susanne en een vriendin van ons, Martine, beheren we een instagram voor onze cosplay creaties. Nou moet ik zeggen dat mijn schoonzus de creaties vooral voor mij maakt, ik word er gewoon ingepropt om haar creaties te showen haha. We hadden nog niet echt goede foto’s van onze Harry Potter beauxbaton cosplay dus besloten om daar wat spooky foto’s van te maken (daar kom ik dan weer goed van te pas). Ik ben natuurlijk mega benieuwd wat jullie van de cosplay en foto’s vinden! Zijn jullie nog verkleed geweest voor halloween?

  • Fox

    Vosjes fotograferen stond al een hele tijd op mijn verlanglijstje. Nu zijn wilde dieren op de foto zetten vrij lastig als je geen grote zoom lens hebt. Samen met mijn schoonmoeder en een andere fotograaf gingen we naar de Amsterdamse waterleidingduinen waar je wilde herten en vrij tamme vosjes hebt. De herten op de foto zetten lukte me niet met mijn 70mm lens, daarvoor zou ik echt wel minimaal een 200mm lens moeten hebben maar het was toch heel mooi om te zien. Er was één vos die, toen het wat rustiger was, heel dichtbij ons kwam. Zo dichtbij, dat ik daar wel foto’s van heb kunnen maken! Photographing foxes…

  • Sunday Snaps #9

    Oh guys, I feel really bad for not uploading anything for over two weeks while I really wanted to be more active on my blog starting from January. On the second day of Christmas I went to the beach to walk with Ziggs, two other Saarloos Wolfdogs and a lot of other dogs. They blocked the entrance to the parking lot so we had to drive over some sand to reach it. Unlucky me got stuck in the sand with my car, twice. It was very cold and very windy but the dogs had fun and that’s all that matters.

  • Sunday Snaps #8

    Almost a month ago Ziggs his sister Moro visited us and I took some photos (What a surprise..) :D. We walked with the puppies in a forest really close to where I live.Moro is the largest puppy of the nest at the moment and Ziggs is the smallest. Ziggs was pretty thin here as you can see, he’s been getting more food than the rest of his brothers and sister for over a month but somehow he was still the smallest and the lightest. He just didn’t gain weight. At the moment he’s finally getting a little more fat but he still needs to gain some more.

  • Sunday Snaps #7

    Is there anything cuter than a kitten falling asleep? Nope, I think not. I went to visit Riven (and my mom) this week. She’s feeling really comfortable in her new home and the other cats are starting to like her too. After we cuddled for a while she became really sleepy so I took some photos of her. My niece, Savy was also at my mom’s place. Savy has two cats at home too but they don’t like her so she’s really happy that she can cuddle with Riven. She gets really excited and we have to remind her that she has to pet her slowly and gentle. It’s really cute to…

  • Sunday Snaps #6

    Last week I went to a reunion with Ziggs. He saw all his brothers and sisters again, it was so cute to see them play and we had such lovely weather. I’ll show you all the photos in this post. I also have news that you might call a little sad.. a few days ago we had to bring Riven, our kitten, to my parents. She can’t live here anymore because Vincent is more allergic than we thought. He does have less allergic reactions to Riven than to other cats but this really couldn’t last any longer. She had been here for almost a month and Vincent felt really sick…

  • Sunday Snaps #5

    New photos of Ziggs and Riven. Riven’s first day was the 15th of October and I took some cute shots of her since then! While recovering my old blog posts since being away from 2016 till 2019 and loosing all content, Sunday snaps #5 was one of the many posts that I couldn’t recover on The Way Back Machine or even find at all. I had to guess which photos I used by the pictures that I posted on facebook. (Oh right I write in Dutch nowadays..)

  • Sunday Snaps #4

    Shame on me, I haven’t given you guys a Sunday Snaps in over a month! Because I’ve had like 1400 wedding photos to edit the past month, I didn’t had the time to edit all the photos from Ziggs or to even upload them on my blog, so this Sunday Snaps is filled with a lot of photos. We went to a Saarloos Wolfdog meeting where Ziggs was reunited with 2 of his brothers and one sister! Unfortunately his other brother and sister couldn’t make it. We’re having another reunion soon.  Near where we live there is this gorgeous place where we walk a lot with Ziggs nowadays. Probably the only hills…

  • Sunday Snaps #3

    Ziggs made a lot of new friends the past two weeks, sheep included! Near where we live there is a park where dogs are allowed the walk without a leash. We went there quite a few times already. The last time we went there there were a lot of other dogs that Ziggs could play with.  Ziggs fell into the (smelly) water by accident while rolling in the grass, oops! He doesn’t like to swim (yet) so he climbed out as fast as he could. He reminds me of a cat sometimes. We cleaned him up when we got home but he still smelled like fish for two days. Yikes!On…