• Outfit: Op de fiets

    Stiekem, heel stiekem, vind ik de herfst best leuk. De oranje blaadjes (niet zichtbaar op deze foto’s, maar oke.), de oliebollenkraam die weer overal te vinden is, gezellig de kaarsjes aan binnen en lekker met mijn pantoffels en een kleedje op de bank. Oke, al die regen is een heel stuk minder, maar vorig jaar hadden we echt een super mooie en zonnige herfst. Ik weet nog dat ik heel wat herfst fotoshoots buiten had en dat ik zelfs af en toe mijn jas uit had :). Dit jaar ben ik helaas wel al aardig wat keren nat geregend. Vinden jullie de herfst ook leuk? Het vest is heerlijk warm…

  • Outfit: Blue Marine Dress

    Hey lovelys!Today I shot these outfit photos with my intern Britt again. I’ve been looking for some other locations to shoot my photography at and we checked out this lovely location. You can’t see it on the photos but this location has a lovely lake and I think it will be perfect  for sundown photos. When you shoot sunny photos in the forest the light just bounces too much and you get a green skin…which is not very pretty, unlesh you’d like to be the wicked witch of course :). So soon I’ll be having a photo shoot here and I will show you guys the results. Dress: Vero Moda…

  • Funfair Fashion

    Today I shot these outfit photos with my Intern Britt, on the funfair. And as you can see, I cut my hair! At first when we arrived we wanted to turn back around, because it was so awkward. There were barely any people on the funfair, so the ones who were, starred at us. The guy from one of the shops even yelled through his mic “looking good!!”. Yeah, thanks for making it even more awkward. I really prefer a location like this for outfit photos over a nature one. I love all the bright colours! I bought the dress at MANGO. The shoes are from converse all-stars and the…

  • Outfit: Green Primark Dress

    Yup, today I’m showing you one of my newest dresses that actually makes me feel like the character Link from The Legend of zelda.  I never thought that I would ever buy something nice at Primark, but I did! I never bought anything at Primark before (besides two bags that turned out to have holes in them when I got home), because I always felt like the clothes just didn’t really look good on me.  Usually I’m the type of person who goes for a simple black dress, so this green one really lights up my closet. 

  • Wedding Outfit

    I always find it difficult to decide what to wear when I’m photographing on a wedding. I don’t want to wear (short) dresses because I still need to get into strange poses to take the best photos. So this morning I went to the H&M store to buy myself a new outfit to wear on today’s wedding. What would you wear if you were to photograph on a wedding?

  • Outfit: All Black

    Good afternoon! This is the second outfit that we shot on the blogger meeting. Next week I’m having another blogger meeting with three other ladies so there are more outfit posts on their way. I still have to decide what to wear though.I highly recommend having blogger meetings to all the bloggers out there. It’s a nice way to meet new people. Everything except for the necklace is from H&M.  I bought the statement necklace at http://houseoflou.nl/. I should have worn the necklace a little bit higher, but changing outfits without a mirror in a small toilet room was kinda hard. What do you think? 

  • Outfit: Stripes Stripes Stripes

    Today I had a blogger meeting and I met this lovely girl Amy who blogs on http://www.theblondetornado.blogspot.nl/. We had both two different outfits which we took photos of. Today I’m sharing this outfit with you! DRESS: VERO MODA | HAT H&M | BOOTS H&M What do you think?

  • Hey guys! Today I’m showing you my newest jewelry which my intern Britt and I took photos of. Janne Verkoopt Sieraden is a Dutch brand that sells really cute jewelry for a very likable price. This hair ornament for example was only €4,95. I bought two more things which you can see in the rest of the post. I also bought this galaxy moon necklace.. ..and these really cute earrings. What do you think about the jewelry?

  • Outfit: Let it snow

    Woke up the day after Christmas, looked outside, and saw that it finally snowed. We didn’t get any snow last year and I kinda missed it. Unfortunately I couldn’t do any shoots with models because luck wouldn’t let me this month (read: got glass in my hand and needed stitches, then got the flue a day before I went on a holiday, coughed so much that I got a torn muscle between my ribs now). My sister in law did take some outfit photos of me, yay!