Forest Cat Kittens

Just in a few hours Ill be visiting these gorgeous Forest Cats for the second time. Vincent is very allergic to cats, so a while back I did some research on which cats weren’t that bad for people with an allergy. The Forest Cat was one of the hypoallergenic cats. Two weeks back we visited the litter of Wesley and Deborah and when we arrived Vincent had way less symptoms than when he is at my parents house. So….we decided to adopt a kitty! The problem is, we’ve got our eye on three kittens, but I have no idea which one to choose..
Deyley’s Boogie Baby
This little girl was the only one who lay down on my lap, as you can guess I was kinda sold immediately. I love the grey and white colors, I think it looks gorgeous. She has such an innocent face <3

Deyley’s Ruby Lee
This one had so much energy and was playing with her other sisters. She didn’t really pay attention to us, but we still really like her. I also have to think about our dog Ziggs. We need to have a kitten that’s not really afraid to play with a dog and Ruby Lee didn’t look like she was scared of anything.

Deyley’s Moon Glow
She was our first favorite when we saw the photos of the kittens. She was also playing with her sisters but she also came to check us out.

Obviously it’s too hard to decide which one you want when you’ve only seen them one time, so I really can’t wait till tonight!

Which one is your favorite?

Well I visited the kittens tonight!
And turned out, there was another one available.

Deyley’s Star Dust
Ahh…i mean…ahh..just look at her.

I played with the kittens for a hour and right now I’m doubting between Star Dust and Boogie Baby. I felt like those two showed the most interest in me.

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