Hello, new family member

Oh my! I can’t believe it’s official!
A few weeks ago I told you guys that we went all the way to Leeuwarden to visit Saarloos Wolfhound puppies. You can read that article here.
When we visited for the first time two dogs really caught our attention (puppy green and puppy silver), but puppy silver was most loved by the people who visited before us, so we kind of forgot about him because we knew we wouldn’t be the one that could take him home. Last Thursday we went to visit again and when we arrived we heard that puppy green had been taken. I felt kinda sad because I secretly had bonded a bit with him since he was my cellphone background for weeks. Oops!

Then we heard the other news. Some other family who wanted to breed hadn’t decided yet whether they wanted puppy silver or puppy yellow.  I just got the message that they chose to go for puppy yellow. So this little cutie you see in the photos is going to be ours! I’m so happy because when we saw him this week we could really see that his character fits with us.

So you’re probably wondering what his name will be. Well personally I can’t decide between Ziggs and Rusko yet.
On instagram I told you that if we would name our puppy Floki, after a character from the series Vikings, but we don’t think that name will fit this little guy.

So what do you guys think? Ziggs or Rusko? Or if you have another name suggestion let me know in the comments!

Edit: We named him Ziggs!

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