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Landal Heideheuvel

In December I went to ‘Landal Greenparks Heideheuvel’ in Beekbergen. Beekbergen is a place in the province of Gelderland, The Netherlands. Last year we started this “tradition” with my family to go to Landal Greenparks every year in December. It’s really nice to go on a small holiday with everyone and this time, Ziggs joined us.

On our way Ziggs fell asleep. He always tries to get as close as possible when he’s in the car so he lays his head between us. He is adorable.

We had the largest house in the park which could fit 10 grown ups and a kid. I really liked this house, Ziggs was allowed, we had a sauna, a sunbed and a room full of toys where Savy had the time of her life.

On the Landal Park there was a small children’s farm with really really cute goats that Ziggs was scared of haha.

We arrived on Friday and on Saturday we went to the Christmas market, the same that we went to last year. I bought a lot and one of the things that I bought was this really pretty minty vintage chair.

On Sunday I went with my boyfriend Vincent and my sister’s boyfriend Wesley to a place in a nature park named ‘De Hoge veluwe’.
When we were walking I felt like I was having a deja vu, somehow I recognized it. After a short time I remembered that this was the exact place that I went to with the reunion of Ziggs and his brothers and sisters, we just entered through another entrance.  

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