Saarloos Wolfdog Puppies

Yesterday me and my boyfriend drove all the way to Leeuwarden to visit Saarloos Wolfhound pups. A month back we were actually going to visit another litter, but the owner cancelled the appointment because someone changed his mind and they sold the puppy’s to them.

It took us three hours to arrive, and once we entered the door we fell in love immediately. The mother of the puppies was excited to see us which is usually quite strange for a Saarloos. Most of the Saarloos aren’t really fund of strangers.

This little guy really caught our eye and it was so cute to see how he bit my fingers. Today we spoke with the owner and she’s willing to sell us one of the male puppies. He’s just 3 weeks old in this picture.

It’s really amazing to see how the bond between a Saarloos and owner can be. These dogs have so much character and are so loving.

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