Sunday Snaps #2

I’ve made a lot of photos of Ziggs the past two weeks, so it’s time to spam you guys with some cute photos again!

So we introduced Ziggs to water. At first we threw some toys in it to try and lur him into the water.

He’s not really fond of it yet, haha.

One day we walked with him in the forest and we took some cute shots of him. ‘This is my smiley face!’

(believe me letting him sit was harder than it looks)

He even met some new friends!

So lately I’ve been walking with Kim and her dogs a lot. Ziggs loves to be around other dogs and It’s always so cute to see how happy he gets to even just see another dog. It makes me want to buy a puppy for him..

So this week I went with her, her dogs and Ziggs to the beach..

This is Mika and he’s also a Saarloos Wolfdog. 

Noa, the Border Collie

Ziggs giving little kisses to Mika <3 Gah! Too Cute! 

Ziggs is getting heavier every day. When we got him 3 weeks ago he weighted 6.4 kilos and yesterday he weighted 9.1 kilos!

More photos will be on the blog next Sunday!POSTED IN PHOTOGRAPHY

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