Sunday Snaps #3

Ziggs made a lot of new friends the past two weeks, sheep included!

Near where we live there is a park where dogs are allowed the walk without a leash. We went there quite a few times already. The last time we went there there were a lot of other dogs that Ziggs could play with. 

Ziggs fell into the (smelly) water by accident while rolling in the grass, oops! He doesn’t like to swim (yet) so he climbed out as fast as he could. He reminds me of a cat sometimes.

We cleaned him up when we got home but he still smelled like fish for two days. Yikes!On another day I took these pictures. Since he’s half wolf he has that hunting instinct within him. Especially when it comes to sheep and rabbits, so I try to socialize as much as I can with him. These sheep like him! Ziggs even gives them little kisses, it’s really cute.

Two days ago I took photos of him with sundown.

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